Saturday, 13 November 2010

Lampu telah wujud 2000 thn yg lalu???

Mungkin dan Pasti kita terfikir bahawa, lampu ini dicipta ketika zaman moden @zaman eropah satu ketika dahulu kan??? tapi percaya tak kita , jika dikatakan lampu telah ada pada zaman dahulu kala. Pada tahun 1936, telah dilakukan pengalian pada runtuhan-runtuhan sekitar 2000thn dahulu, di sebuah penempatan desa kuno di Baghdad , dari situ mereka telah menemui vas tanah liat kecil berwarna kuning ,tingginya dalam sekitar 6 inci.

untuk Ketahui lebiH lanjut..jOm baca.. ( soRRy in english )


Ever since its recovery, several possibilities have been suggested by experts. Wilhelm K├Ânig, the German archaeologist brought forth a startling idea that the clay pot could well be a form of electric battery. Following his theory, a Massachusetts based engineer Willard F.M. Gray created a model of this battery in 1940, filled it with copper sulfate solution and proved that it could produce electricity.

In 1970, the German Egyptologist Arne Eggebrecht followed in the footsteps of Gray. He supplanted the copper sulfate solution with fresh grape juice to generate about 0.87V of electricity for gold plating a silver statue. These experiments proved beyond doubt that 1,800 years old civilizations knew how to produce and utilize electricity by means of an acidic agent.

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